Friday, May 19, 2017

Rep Cummings Encourages Media to Keep Hammering Trump (Vid)

Cummings has to be one of the biggest haters in DC. What kind of leader encourages the media to attack the President of the United States? It would be one thing if what the media was doing was honest, but all they are doing 24/7 is hammering Trump on fake and petty news. If they're not making something up, like acting FBI Dir McCabe denying addition resources are needed or Deputy AG Rosenstein threatening to leave, they whine about Trump acting within the rule of law.

Leftists are just angry Clinton lost and obama's "legacy" is being erased. They are willing to create chaos and havoc with the Pres with the hopes he and the people will get worn down and throw in the towel.

Cummings is smart though, he gets the news entertainment industry to do the dem party's dirty work. The dems and the media are the real deplorables, the American people need to run Cummings and co out of office and burn down the media until then this bs of lies will never end.

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