Saturday, May 20, 2017

GOP Rep Slams CNN's Russia Collusion Conspiracy For Lacking Evidence (Vid)

Props to Rep Sean Duffy for calling out news entertainment CNN and hack Chris "Fredo" Cuomo, citing they have no evidence of any wrongdoing by the President. The media, being the propaganda arm of the democrat party, hates Trump and are doing everything possible to wear Americans down. This constant hammering away on him is a form of brainwashing. Every day, almost every hour, it's one negative story after another based on nothing but fantasy of "collusion". The left thinks Americans will tire of hearing it, Trump too where he will just resign.

It will never happen and this soft coup is only going to anger people more. The left is digging it's own grave, they learned nothing after the election, so be it..
"Let them die".

Newsflash IDIOTS, if evidence ever surfaced of "collusion", it's NOT a crime. Anyone saying otherwise PRODUCE THE LAWS stating such. All the other charges being made are frivolous as well, per Harvard Law prof, card carrying democrat and Hillary supporter Alan Dershowitz!

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