Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rush: What's Going on is 'Beyond a Coup'

Rush is correct, what we are witnessing today with all the intel leaks, the democrat controlled media relentless attacks against the President, leftist protests that turn into violent riots etc is 'beyond a coup'. What we are witnessing is an outright insurrection, a rebellion in this cold civil war, all because a pack of whiny crybabies lost an election.

That's it, that's all this is about that has created so much tension we now have reporters getting in political candidates faces causing fights.

The democrats truly believed Hillary was going to win, but lost and down the drain went their dreams of destroying the Second Amendment, replacing obamacare with single payer, controlling free speech, having a progressive Supreme Court, disregard for Constitution and rule of law, open borders and last but not least legalizing, at a minimum, 20 million illegal aliens!

Yep, I believe all of this from that quick one liner from Rush. And you know what, if you sat him down and ran this by him he would probably agree! He doesn't have to go into detail like this, you know it, from what you see, hear and feel.

The dems are ready to go to war because Pres Trump stands against their agenda and is erasing everything obama has done. Like Kurt Schlicter says, buy guns and ammo...

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