Saturday, April 8, 2017

Syrian Refugee Destroys CNN's Anti-Trump Narrative, Thanks Trump

CNN's Brooke Baldwin interviewed Kassem Eid, a Syrian refugee who survived the 2013 chemical attack, about the missile strike Pres Trump ordered against Assad's airbase. CNN and Baldwin most likely hoped Eid would pile on the negative narrative the network has portrayed, but instead he turned the tables! He was grateful, praised Pres Trump for the strike, and asked for more!

Baldwin tried to bait Eid to criticize Pres Trump over the travel ban but it backfired. He proceeded to rip into the network and others(Clinton), critical of the ban, for not speaking out in the past after other attacks, atrocities and obama's lack of action. It didn't end there, Eid also made it clear refugees don't want to be refugees, they want to go home!

If these people want to go back to Syria fine lets establish safe zones for them. For those willing to fight, stop using them like pawns in a proxy war, give them all the guns and ammo they need to take their damn country back!

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