Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pirro Rips Into GOP to "Strap-In, Buck Up and Start Fighting" Like Pres Trump

Judge Pirro used the missile strike on Syria, ordered by Pres Trump, to show what decisive leadership looks that the GOP lacks. She cited how the dems, no longer a majority, still carry themselves as if they are running DC. Pelosi, Schumer, Waters etc are all pushing back and bullying the GOP to where Michael Flynn was forced out, Atty Gen Sessions and Intel Chair Rep Nunes were forced to recuse themselves and Senate Majority Leader McConnell was forced to invoke the Reid Rule to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed!

The GOP BEGGED conservatives, TEA Party activists and republicans to give them majorities yet they constantly act like the minority! Democrats are masters of language, they can say one thing that requires a paper written, or hour + video explaining otherwise to disprove. The GOP needs to stop taking this bait, and throw it back on the democrats. They make a claim and wildly you have to do all the work to explain what it is and why they're wrong. Enough of that and enough of hiding in a corner when they make outlandish unproven claims, be it calling someone a racist or suggesting a nation influenced an election. It's just words, stop being so scared of them. Name calling isn't going to hurt anyone, you're not going to die from anything these LIARS say!


Throw it back on them make them prove their points. ACT LIKE A CHILD asking "why, why, why" when they give their answers. They say Russia influenced votes, demand they PROVE IT!!

Last but not least, as Pirro argues, put your big boy/ girl pants on and start fighting for your country.... because ladies and gents of the republican party, the 2018 midterms will be here before you know. Conservatives, TEA Party activists and republicans who have had enough of your games will throw you out of office, not the dems!

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