Saturday, April 8, 2017

USS Carl Vinson Strike Group Being Deployed Towards Korean Peninsula

Following a demonstration in Syria that the obama foreign policy era has come to an end, the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group is on it's way to the western Pacific towards Korean Peninsula. It would appear North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, aka Crazy Fat Kid, is going to have his bluff called by Pres Trump.

Will the US launch a first strike on NK? No, one knows, this deployment is a show of strength to make Crazy Fat Kid back down. Hopefully Trump's meeting with the Chinese Pres resulted in something positive where they will get NK under control. 

The Crazy Fat Kid, in control of approx 8 nuclear weapons (thanks to Bill Clinton), has been making repeated threats for sometime now that he will launch missiles against the US. While some laugh and mock this lunatic dictator especially after "failed missile" launches, he should be taken seriously as a defector has warned that once the  Crazy Fat Kid "sees that there is any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat from America, then he would use his nuclear weapons with ICBM."

As for those failed launches everyone has been mocking and making fun of.. if the missiles have reached a high altitude and then "failed", they weren't failures! If you want to attack a nation with an EMP you want to build a delivery system with long range and the ability reach high above your target. From the sounds of it, NK has the delivery system and weapons technology to attempt such a strike. There is NOTHING saying the Crazy Fat Kid couldn't have a missile loaded onto a ship and be in international waters off America's west coast and launching! SOMEONE did a test run in 2010, that we have never gotten a straight answer about, so don't say it can't happen.  

An EMP attack on the US, at the least, would wipe out the western electrical grid. That would result in countless deaths, crime, unrest etc. It would take approximately 6-18 mos to replace damaged transformers since they aren't made in the US! Germany and South Korea are the nations who manufacture them. If the President wants to bring manufacturing back to the US this should be a priority or invest the money into beefing up the grid!

It wouldn't be a surprise to wake up one morning to learn NK's missile sites are in ruble and smoldering, but with that the Crazy Fat Kid (have I said it enough?) would most likely launch strikes against South Korea and Japan. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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