Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sen Murphy Claims Trump's Rhetoric Could Lead to Terrorist Attack

Only hardcore progressives can come up with such nonsense that a sitting Presidents rhetoric will set off a pack of monsters on innocent children. Dems solution to dealing with terrorists is to put your head in the sand while talking nice about them. They prefer appeasing a death cult rather than killing them. This attitude is why we have all these attacks around the world.

It is way past time to bring the fight to these monsters. Terrorists couldn't careless about the US or our allies being nice, they hate our very existence. They hate western culture because it shows those under their boot that you don't have to live like a slave. Women don't have to be covered up, uneducated, and sex toys. Children can grow up doing whatever they want. Radical islam HATES FREEDOM... So Sen Murphy you going to trash America to appease the islamists? Btw go over to their backyard and preach the "love" you show for them in the US and see what happens!

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