Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CNN Warns Trump War on Media is Putting Journalists in Danger (Vid)

Trump's war on the media huh? The only people putting "journalists" in danger are the "journalists" themselves who go on air or post up one lie after another to their unhinged devout followers, like the Alexandria Assassin! For the record 99% of the acts of violence they're hinting to are committed by radical Leftists. To date not one attack or mass shooting has been perpetrated by a NRA card carrying TEA Party activist!

Pres Trump isn't doing anything wrong but his job. Fact of the matter is, the media has waged war on him. These babies cannot get over the fact their candidate lost the election, and the American people are tired of their garbage! So this FAKE NEWS outlet takes it upon itself, with the help of the DNC, to concoct a false narrative the President of the United States is in collusion with Russia. All that of course has been proven lies, but does CNN in fear for its and "journalists" security do anything about that? NO. It's business as usual to continue to attack Trump and his admin with lies after lies.

It's really cute the CNN and the media is trying to set POTUS up to blame if some unhinged kook goes after one of them. If such a horrible thing was to happen, it will be the unhinged kooks fault, as well as anyone around them who knew they were unstable and did nothing. But this is what the left does always looking for someone to point the finger of blame at.

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