Monday, June 5, 2017

CNN's In-House "Cannibal" Calls POTUS 'A Piece of Sh*t'

Those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome clearly cannot control themselves. It's actually pretty pathetic how these people, grown adults, carry-on like children because their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the election. Whether it's outright violence or vile rhetoric, like this tweet from CNN's in-house Cannibal Reza Aslan, the left never stops with their attacks against Donald Trump. Cannibal!? Yes, CANNIBAL! Oh you didn't know?! Reza ate human brain!

It's disgusting but that's lefties for ya!

As for Aslan's tweet against Trump, could you imagine if someone in the media called obama a piece of shit!? People would have gone insane. But call Trump that and it's justified even though the Pres is 100% correct.

We need the travel ban in place NOW not months from now, it's an added layer of security for the nation. Why would anyone in their right mind be against that? Then again liberalism is a mental disorder so of course they attack.

That's fine, all of you on the left go ahead call POTUS a POS and do everything you can to compromise America's security. Understand this, WHEN America gets hit like the UK, France, Belgium etc, where said attackers entry into the US is traced back to the travel ban block, it is your fault. Don't care how you identify yourself, be it democrat, progressive, liberal, whatever, you will be silenced on issues of national security. You will be fingered out publicly for embracing radical islamic jihadists, that is what you're doing every single time you attack Pres Trump. His executive orders are legal, do not target any specific group of people, and is to stop terrorists from coming into the US. You lefties clearly want them here, fine, YOU OWN THEM and whatever they do.

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