Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fmr Obama Defense Official Suggests Russia May Have Changed Vote Totals

Evelyn Farkas, Fmr Deputy Asst Sec of Defense for obama, who admitted the obama regime was spying on Pres Trump has now jumped on the blame Russia conspiracy. To be clear the FBI said voter tallies were not influenced or changed by the Russians. There is no evidence anywhere that voting machines were successfully hacked and tallies changed but leave it to a fmr Clinton advisor to make such a leap after opening her big mouth a few months ago. Give it some time America soon you'll see other democrats talking about this taking place in  fly-over states (ones Clinton ignored, never campaigned in) to give Farkas' theory credibility.

Democrats will never stop with this daily propaganda to brainwash the country that Trump's victory and admin is illegitimate. They want the avg person to think, "gee it's been going on this long really must be something there".

The question we need answered is why this woman hasn't been called up to testify to Congress? Why is she an analyst for MSDNC when she should have lawyered up after admitting the obama regime was spying on Trump?

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