Tuesday, June 13, 2017

House Dem Draws Up Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

CA democrat Rep Brad Sherman has drawn up articles of impeachment against Pres Trump claiming obstruction of justice as cause. There was no bribe, no threats, no destruction of evidence, nothing impeded yet democrats are pushing this angle even though it was destroyed during the Comey hearing. This action by Sherman has made it official he is another face of the modern day Confederacy. This crusade to impeach Trump is DOA. Democrats do not have a majority to secure the votes needed to impeach Pres Trump, it's just a ploy to gain voter support for the 2018 midterms.

It's amusing democrats all of a sudden care about the rule of law. Where were they the last 8 years as obama practically poured gasoline and took a match to the Constitution? These people are completely contemptible a disgrace to the office they represent. America don't sit back like everything is sunshine and rainbows, these people are out for blood, before you know it will be election day again. If dems regain power in DC Trump will be impeached and from the sounds of it they'll go after Pence too which will open the door for whomever they appoint as House Speaker in the line of succession.... Pelosi!


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