Saturday, June 24, 2017

Judge Pirro: Democrat Party is Party of Liberal Rage and Intolerance

Judge Pirro's open is dead on to the direction this country is headed, a very violent one because the Left cannot control or contain themselves. Democrat leaders, pundits and Hollywood liberals are inciting violence daily, who sooner or later will trigger a crazy Leftist to act out as Alexandria assassin. The threat of assassination on republicans, conservatives and the President is clear to any honest American paying attention to what's going on in this country. The Left has clearly ratcheted up the level of hate they have to include violence. They are willing to see blood spilled on the streets of America because they believe, "the ends justifies the means".

Republican leaders and the President are in danger because they are doing their job, which is in fact dismantling the disaster obama and the democrats assembled over the last 8 years. With so many Leftists publicly "joking" to kill the President in one way or another the Secret Service must be on edge because they understand the cause and effect Pirro talked about. The democrats have in fact institutionalized evil with all the hateful talk, and shrugging their shoulders when one of their own acts out, or worse they blame the Right for whatever happened.

As a society we can and have disagreed on issues but democrats have taken things to a whole new level. Because they are losing the argument, left and right, they use hateful rhetoric, with some on the fringe calling for outright violence, because they have nothing left to stand on.

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