Friday, June 23, 2017

Electrical Engineer Freaks Tucker Out Over Effects of Possible EMP Attack by N Korea

As North Korea continues forward with its nuclear weapons program and ICBM development Tucker Carlson had electrical engineer John Moore on to discuss the threat of an EMP attack. Tucker was either in shock or completely freaked out learning millions of Americans could die if the US is attacked with an EMP weapon, something many believe the NorKs are developing.

Being a small nation with limited weapons and an army the Crazy Fat Kid would need to use an EMP to stop a superpower like the US. While people laugh and mock the hermit nation when it's reported their missile tests have failed, others like myself ask, "Did the missile reach apogee when it 'failed'"? They're sending missiles up to a certain altitude that just happened to blow up is not a failure, if you're trying to develop an EMP. You need the missile to reach a certain altitude for a desired effect of an EMP. The higher it goes the wider the effect, anything with power going through it will be fried.

Like Moore tells Tucker such an attack will send the US back to the 1800's and yes millions will die. Aside from the food shortage, how many people depend on life saving drugs that won't be manufactured? How many people depend on drugs that must be refrigerated? Those injured in no doubt in civil unrest (which will come quickly and be quite violent with the collapse of law and order) won't have the meds they need let alone donor blood, because again no refrigeration! No food, water, fuel, meds will result in countless deaths, and nuclear plants might meltdown too! Frankly it's amazing none of our enemies have attempted such a strike, or did they at the least attempt test runs for such an attack?

To this day no one has ever explained the missile launch off coast of CA. Then there was the attack on a San Jose power station, and an attempt on one in Arizona!

The transformers Moore mentioned, for the most part, are NOT manufactured in the US. Germany and South Korea build them, which means 6 mos at the minimum to receive new ones to get the lights back on. The US will be in the dark for at least 6 mos to a year. While the military has taken some precautions fact remains they will be useless which means the US will be ripe for an invasion! So the US would pretty much be plunged into a Mad Maxx world.

Prepare America, because if it's not the NorKs the Sun might just sneeze one day and shut the lights off for the entire planet... and we're do for one since the last one, Carrington Event, was back in 1859.

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