Friday, June 23, 2017

Mika Brzezinski: It Feels Like a 'Developing Dictatorship’

Progressives are quite entertaining with the hysteria they pump over the airwaves. All the actions Pres Trump has taken to date are legal and in America's best interests. On the flip side fmr self proclaimed emperor obama literally did rule like a dictator to cheers from the left. With his phone and pen he acted like a dictator issuing executive orders from rewriting obamacare on the fly, attempting to give amnesty to illegal aliens, to trying to invoke gun control; just to name a few.

Progs like Mika just hate everything obama did, that hurt this country, is being dismantled by Trump. So in typical fashion she/ they jump to the extreme rhetoric to scare the uninformed, uneducated class.. probably with the hope of inspiring another James Hodgkinson.

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