Friday, June 30, 2017

MSNBC's Deutsch Calls Trump a "Disgusting", "Vulgar Pig", Wants to Fight Him

After the failed assassination attempt, by a democrat like this MSDNC crew, Leftists were calling on the Right to tone the hateful rhetoric down. Of course they never stopped with the vile attacks and calls for violence even to this day where the unhinged Donny Deutsch went off on the President of the United States calling him a "disgusting.. vulgar pig" going so far as to call the President out to a schoolyard fight.

This unhinged democrat wants to fight POTUS, he wants to assault the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES over a silly tweet. Curious, was Deutsch this upset when Bill Clinton was committing adultery and sexual assault multiple times in the Oval Office?

Donny Deutsch is another perfect example of the violent left who is clearly fueling another Alexandria assassin. Tell me again we're not in COLD civil war.

On a personal note Donny, I know you want to punch Pres Trump (btw has the Secret Service paid you a visit yet?) but I'll tell you what...

Just name the date and time, and by all means bring MSDNC cameras too!

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