Monday, July 3, 2017

Fmr Navy SEAL & GOP Rep Hammers CNN For Attacking Trump and Not Covering News

Thank you Congressman Scott Taylor for spelling it out to CNN, and the media in general, that they are being played! But they're so arrogant and "righteous" they think they're "gonna get the President" by attacking him 24/7. The crap media doesn't cover the news anymore because they are the 5th Column, they think it's their job to attack him.

The corrupt media has been obsessed with the Trump-WWE-CNN video, a clip from professional wrestling which we all know is fake. Hell the WWE admits it's fake because they now call what they do Sports Entertainment!

Leftists are crying and whining over this vid and tweets from the Trump going as far to say it incites violence? How does that work exactly, because again that clip is from something that is fake? What isn't fake are countless celebrities calling for the President of the United States' demise is some way or another. They're not fake. We have democrats and party pundits taking to the airwaves constantly that if Trump and GOP get their way people will die without obamacare. That is inciting violence against republicans so much so a democrat tried to assassinate them. That's not fake either. Fact of the matter is democrats and Leftists talk of actual violence and carry it out that the loser media turns a blind eye to. Of course Alisyn Camerota won't point that out as she pathetically battles Taylor.

Cute how they track all the negative tweets from Trump but moment Taylor calls their bluff to list number of times they attack him it's a "crazy suggestion"! Why? Because it's true? The media is trash, CNN is at the bottom of the heap. I hope Trump, by playing these fools, fulfills Breitbarts goal to destroy them!

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