Monday, July 10, 2017

The View Hosts Claim Trump vs CNN Memes Are Inciting Violence

The View hosts are doing their share for the democrat party, Left and corrupt media to start trouble where there isn't any. These radical Leftists, these propagandists are used to influence their audience who are uneducated and unengaged with what is going on in the real world. This show is one of the key sources of news for their audience who have clearly been indoctrinated as young minds starting their freshman year at any liberal indoctrination camp aka college/ university.

Someone making a gif or meme of Trump vs CNN will not.. NOT cause nor incite violence. On the flip side of that, democrats, liberals, the media and certain hosts on this show screaming bloody murder over the President and GOP's platform (dismantles obama's "legacy") claiming people.. "millions will die" has in fact caused unhinged leftists to act out violently against the right!

Point the finger of blame all you want ladies, it will never change the fact the Left is unhinged and extremely dangerous. People on the Right are not stabbing people on trains, committing assault in bars over mottos on hats or shooting up defenseless lawmakers playing ball!

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