Sunday, August 20, 2017

CNN Panel Talks of Soft Coup and Removal of Trump From Presidency

The radical Leftists at CNN are now openly discussing a soft coup, justifying it by suggesting Pes Trump is mentally unfit to serve. Again to be clear all new push is over his initial response to the Charlottesville race riots. Trump blamed both sides for the violence that ensured, instead of solely pointing blame at the klan, nazis etc. Since then the media has gone on a massive tirade, ignoring the violent unhinged dangerous Antifa, BLM and anarchists who were just as much responsible and then some over the last couple of years. Whether they like it or not, under the First Amendment the neo-nazis had a right to have their rally. Hate speech is protected speech. Antifa and the like working for the oppressed, as Don Lemon and countless others defended, showed up and that's when the fighting started.

CNN is planting the seeds for the 25th Amendment to be invoked in the backs of head for every member of Congress. They, like all Leftists including those in the closet on the Right (ie NeverTrump, RINO's like McCain), seem to forget 63 MILLION Americans voted for Donald Trump. Do they just think people will be okay with the removal of the man they elected, all because the Left doesn't like him? Do they understand the precedent they're setting? Aside from sparking all out armed conflict, whomever the Left chooses to lead will come under as much if not more scrutiny and "heavy fire" as Trump.

This kind of talk is beyond dangerous, Rush, O'Reilly, Levin etc have all been warning about it. The Alt-Left media is derelict in their duty to report news, and have become nothing but a propaganda conglomerate to advance the progressive agenda to fundamentally transform the USA.

The COLD civil war is now heating up.

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