Wednesday, August 2, 2017

WH Snr Advisor Miller Destroys CNN's In-House Cry Baby Acosta on Immigration

Consider this today's dose of conservative porn!

First things first, CNN's in-house cry baby, Jim Acosta thinks the poem/ inscription on the Statue of Liberty, added after being gifted from France, is legal US doctrine! That alone should tell you all you need to know about this hardcore, fake news "journalist". Second, as posted earlier, a merit-based immigration system is nothing new, it's how immigration use to work in the US before dems and repubs screwed it up! Third, there is no immigration plan that could ever come out of this admin, or GOP held majority, that radical Leftists from Acosta to Schumer will ever approve of. In their world everything is biased, racist and bigoted because the truth of the matter is they want open borders.

White House Senior Advisor, Stephen Miller did a masterful job schooling Acosta (and other libs in the press room) on immigration policy, along with calling Acosta out for his elitist, "cosmopolitan bias". There is nothing racist about this bill, but dems need something to attack this admin on so that will be the narrative going forward. And you can bet libs will take this to the nearest liberal/ progressive activist federal judge to override!

May be a early to say this, but see you in court.

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