Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump Intros Merit-Based Immigration Policy, Sorry Libs It's Not New

The merit-based immigration policy proposed today by Pres Trump, is not new, it's how the immigration system use to work in America before politicians mainly democrats RUINED IT. How do I know? Because my father who came to the US in the 60's entered under the merit system!

Many times in family discussion when immigration comes up the story is told how my grandfather (mothers father) had to sign for my father to come to the US from Italy. My grandfather had to vouch for my father that he was educated, had a job and place to live. My father spoke broken English, had to go to night school to read, write and LEARN American history to EARN his citizenship.Democrats are against this, they want open border policy for anyone to enter and do as they please. Look at the mess they've created or do you like dialing #1 for English and seeing bilingual signage?

As for my great grandparents on my mothers side, they came through Ellis Island. They had something to offer America. When they came here they didn't speak English but had to learn to get work otherwise they wouldn't have money for food as there was NO welfare system. They didn't come here expecting a nation to assimilate to them, as we have today. No, my Italian ancestors ASSIMILATED to American culture to the degree that English, once learned, was spoken in the home! They were proud to be Americans, entrepreneurs, hard working people in construction who built roads and bridges some of you have probably used!

The Left like clockwork wants to make this immigration plan about racism. That couldn't be further from the truth, fact is NO ONE has a right to come to the US. This govt like any govt has the right to decide who does and doesn't enter. You have to have something to offer this country to make it better. The Left is against such policy, they want the US to be nothing but an entitlement welfare provider for immigrants and immig minorities to increase their voters rolls.

Do not fall for the Left's lies, a merit-based system is the right way to handle immigration. Limits, quotas, should be in place, anyone entering should be able to speak English and care for themselves. Those on the left against are showing their cards again, they can't defend their position against this policy so they pull the racism and bigotry card. They lose.. AGAIN!

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