Monday, December 11, 2017

MSNBC Shifts to Guns During NYC Terror Coverage - Video

Leave it to MSNBC to shift coverage from talking about a failed terror attack to guns and gun crime in the US. Where's the relevance to a failed suicide bombing? There isn't any but that won't stop them where fmr NYPD Commissioner, Bill Bratton, had the honor of making the transition, pointing out there is more gun crime in the US than terror attacks. According to Bratton 10's of thousands of Americans are killed because of gun crime. That statement alone is false, total gun related deaths figure Left bounces around includes accidental discharge, police related (incl death by cop), suicide etc.

The failed bombing just goes to show that cities and states with strict gun laws don't matter to criminals, or in this case terrorists. The attacker, in the US from Bangladesh via chain migration, actually helped prove a point. You can ban guns, have the toughest restrictions to access them, as they did in NYC and New York, but it won't stop someone from using another weapon to kill! Thankfully, this monsters bomb failed otherwise we would be talking bodycount.

So those who are pro-Second Amendment just had one of their arguments proven right, you lose MSDNC!

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