Monday, December 11, 2017

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Pounces on CNN's Jim Acosta Over Fake News - Video

WH Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, put political activist, Jim Acosta, in his place today after the CNN hack tried to argue in defense of his network and others are not reporting fake news.

Sorry Jimmy, it's fake news when "journalists" intentionally and deliberately run to social media and the cameras with photos taken before an event claiming they are during. Make false claims about a former staff member with regards to national security which literally cause the DOW Jones to tank 350 points. Conveniently failing to check the date of an email. Suggest POTUS has serious health problem because he failed to have a drink of water after a long speech (because the last time he did they went apeshit) where he got tongue tied with a dry mouth at the end. Or are just making things up about his diet or what have you to suggest he is unfit.

Yes, people do make honest mistakes but what the media is doing as a whole is clearly 100% intentional, to damage the credibility and reputation of the President of the United States all because the Leftist media's pic for POTUS lost.

Said it before I'll say it again, a day of reckoing is coming for the media and all the Leftist hacks involved with the silent coup.

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