Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pirro Rips Into Hollywood Hypocrites Attacking Trump

Judge Pirro opened both barrels up on Hollywood hypocrites who have been viciously attacking Pres Trump. The elitists are outraged over things Trump says, raw honest truth, but were silent over the anti-American actions their messiah, obama, was committing.

These people seem to think that because they pretended to play important people in movies and tv they are the voices and role models of what is moral and ethical. The same people who stayed silent when those around them were subjected to sexual harassment and assault.

As Pirro argues where were these monsters when obama was wheeling and dealing with Iran, PLO, turning a blind eye to terrorists running drugs into America, allowing the sale of uranium rights to go to Russia and all the other scandals? Hollywood throws a fit because Trump allegedly says shithole countries but not one of them ever steps foot in said countries.

These elitists need to shut up. Americans knew exactly what they were doing when the elected Pres Trump, after being tired of the same old story from professional politicians. He says things the majority are thinking that goes against the Left's ideology. So Hollywood, many who are pals with obama, think they have a right to attack, hide behind their celebrity, because they've put themselves on pedestal. What they need is to get knocked off that pedestal by Americans tired of their political correct nonsense.

Stop going to the movies. Stop using products and services they peddle or have ownership in. BOYCOTT Hollywood, bankrupt the SOB's!

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