Monday, June 11, 2018

Obama Holding Secret Talks With 2020 Candidates 📺

The former president, who helped destroy what was left of the democrat party by being divisive at levels never seen, while he pushed a radical socialist/ marxist agenda, is how holding meetings with potential 2020 candidates. Clearly his intentions are to back someone to represent the DNC to regain the White House with the purpose to preserve/ restore his now non-existent legacy.

Truth is obama had no long list of legislative accomplishments, the one that stands out most is obamacare, followed by the horrible $787B stimulus bill. The rest of his legacy, in which Pres Trump is dismantling, were executive orders because obama could NEVER get any Congressional support, and no we're not talking about support from the republicans but democrats when he they held a super majority! All hope Obama has left now is to help get Biden, Sanders, Warren or someone else who has gone far left into the White House to finish the fundamental transformation he promised.

You shouldn't be surprised with this news because obama, as this site warned, had no intentions of ever going away after his term ended and all hopes of Hillary serving as his third term was crushed. The Left tried every trick in the book to unseat Pres Trump be it Russia Russia Russia, women from his past, attacks on members of his team/ campaign etc but all attempts failed. Now he will use his influence with radical Leftists and community organizing to get some socialist/ marxist into the White House.

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