Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rep Gowdy Lays Out Case Against Deep State During IG Hearing 📺

Trey Gowdy belongs in a court room prosecuting criminals as he demonstrates here going over the facts of the IG report laying out a devastating case against Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and the DOJ/FBI. There is no question about it the soft coup Deep State conspirators cut Hillary Clinton loose to do everything in their power to stop Trump. There is no doubt there is bias within the DOJ/FBI, just no smoking gun text memo or email of those involved blatantly saying it. Their actions and lack of anything pro-Trump/ anti-Hillary is all the proof people need.

Gowdy has come under a lot of criticism over the last year or so as all talk - do nothing. In his defense he/ Congress members have no power to bring people to justice. Congress has no prosecutorial powers, they can only refer to the DOJ to prosecute. Obviously with the current leadership in the DOJ NOTHING will happen to the corrupt within our govt. The level of corruption and hate for Pres Trump is off the charts. Strzok, Page, Comey, Lynch, Rosenstein etc should all face criminal charges for obstruction of justice, interfering with a presidential election and sedition now that Trump is president with this cooked up witch hunt!

In the end no one involved with the soft coup will see the world from behind bars, the US is a Banana Republic.

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