Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Marine Corps Vet to Megyn Kelly: President Obama Lied to Me

Welcome to the club Mr Schiff, Obama lied to the entire nation! It is no surprise to hear Schiffs insurance almost tripled under barackobamacare, it is the same story we here every week from Americans who are being hurt by this law through double if not tripled premiums to work hours being cut if not job loss! Obama along with all the democrats, that rammed through the worst piece of legislation in US history, couldn't careless how many Americans get screwed by this law. All they care about is the money power and control it gives them over the country, not to mention the political leverage with the uninformed class.

Christopher Schiff is featured in a Americans for Prosperity anti-obamacare ad in Louisiana to hopefully help unseat closet communist Mary Landrieu but the message is the same. All democrats need to be removed from power because they all have blood on their hands for forcing this law NO ONE wanted onto the nation. America if you don't get off your butts come November and throw out the democrats you will have no one to blame going forward but yourselves. The energy level right now is nothing even remotely comparable to 2009/10 which means many of you are asleep or too busy. I suggest you have a gut check or give some lip service to those you know to snap out of it. Things are only going to get worse, and for those in areas with progressive republicans you better throw those SOB's out too because they are just as bad!

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