Thursday, April 24, 2014

Krauthammer: Obama's Foreign Policy is 'Minimal' and 'Laughable'

If I was Japan I would be very concerned with N Korea and China itching for a fight. Obama has proven time and again he will not come to the aid of our allies. He has turned his back on Israel, freedom fighters in Iran, made things worse in the middle east and left the Ukraine hanging. China, Russia and God knows our other enemies around the world are laughing at the US. This country was once respected but also feared around the world. Obama fulfilling his promise of fundamental transformation has changed all of that turning this once great superpower into a global laughing-stock, nanny state buried in a mountain of debt he will have doubled by the end of his reign of power. If any of the allies we have left think this crackpot calling himself president are going to be there for them in their time of need they are gravely mistaken.

Americans should take note and be quite concerned with how his majesty treats other nations. If this country gets into true trouble say with oh I dunno the power grid going down NO ONE will be coming to help us out. The destruction obama and the progressives are doing is on an epic scale and just think of what they are doing behind the scenes we don't know about!!

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