Thursday, April 24, 2014

Obama Bows to Japanese Robot

ASIMO has more skill and talent than president crybaby...
Now I bet obowma praised this technology marveling at its sophistication but you have to wonder when robots start taking peoples jobs will the boy king and his minions become robophobes? That day is coming faster than you think especially with all the headaches obamacare has created along with attacks on businesses for income equality! Machines are going to start replacing people in simple jobs, ya know the ones that seem to be all that is available right now like flipping burgers...

or other automation that is coming like the use of smartphones iPads other POS systems in restaurants and ATMS!

Whats my point? The anti-capitalism policies of the left have sent jobs out of the US where the ones that are left (service / low-skilled) can easily be replaced by machines this fool is bowing to!

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