Wednesday, April 30, 2014

O'Reilly: 'Scandal' Lack of Coverage on Benghazi Memo is Proof the American Media is DISHONEST

Bill O did a good job summarizing everything we know to date on the Benghazi coverup. By the crap medias lack of coverage of Benghazi to this day Bill was justified in calling them out for being dishonest. "Failure by national press to tell the American people the truth about Benghazi is for one reason and one reason only to protect president barack obama."

The old O'Reilly showed his face again tearing the crap media apart while debating hardcore lib Leslie Marshall over media being complicit in protecting obama. The media has now joined other govt agencies in being weaponized and used against the American people. None of these people can be trusted and is probably why so many attacked Jay Carney today. They know as this unfolds they will be held responsible and they should. The blood on obama and Hillary's hands are on the medias hands as well.

The networks need to be punished with boycotts but I know such a call will go out to deaf ears. You have more power than you can possibly imagine America, when you decide to get out of the PC mentality and do what has to be done the nation will be better off. So those of you who will say no boycotts I have to say quite frankly you are as much of a problem as those on the left right now!

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