Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rush: Every Obama Policy is a 'Complete and Total FAILURE'

Everything little Barry touches is a complete and total failure! This guy could never get a job as a CEO if he was in the private sector yet being the master of lies and deceit he rose to power and got elected twice. Congratulations America you made the guy who should be seeping the floors president! And now because he has no clue what the hell he is doing he is human wrecking machine destroying everything Americans worked hard to create! The worst part about his failed policies is that everything he complains about he has played a role in wrecking! Do any of our leaders ever point this out? No because they too are playing the game, create a disaster then come in complain about it and deliver a "solution"... "now vote for me"!

Everything the DC destroyers touch hurts the nation. Anyone who comes out with a solution is demonized and attacked. Like Rush says they have nothing to stand on to gain public support so they go after the social issues like Sterling pulling the race card out when they can. The democrats have run the country into the ground (with the help of establishment/progressive republicans) in fulfilling obamas promise of fundamental transformation. They will use their failure and any resistance the GOP has given them as a weapon to win in the midterms. Racism, sexism, class warfare etc will all be center stage pointing the failed policies as a result of republicans obstructionism. They're already doing it with obamacare whining the repubs won't help fix it. Watch and see how they use these complete and total failures to win elections!

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