Saturday, February 28, 2015

Judge Pirro to Obama: ISIS Doesnt Want a Job, They Have a Job to Kill Us!

Another Saturday another great rant from Judge Pirro blasting the dictator in chief and his pathetic administration who can't seem to get any of their stories straight. We have John Kerry saying threat levels have dropped while James Clapper says 2014 was most lethal year in 45 years. The regime tells us everything is sunshine and rainbows while ISIS grows killing committing genocide against Christians. Our allies in Egypt and Jordan react within 24 hours of an attack by ISIS while obama plays golf when Americans are killed. One of our biggest enemies, Iran, is moving forward with new weapons like an aircraft carrier killer missile while developing nuclear materials for their weapons program.

Then there is the treatment of our closest ally in the ME Israel. Why is obama trying to sabotage Netanyahu's election and sending Susan Rice out to say his speech to Congress is destructive to foreign policy? Is it to appease the Iranians? As Judge Pirro asks whats more destructive the leader of our ally speaking to Congress or allowing Iran have nukes?!

While this regime appeases our enemies like saying they just want economic justice and job the jihadists are busy planning our demise. These monsters had "normal" jobs and many came from good lifestyles. They quit those jobs to take a new job to kill us!

America we just keep going round and round with the monsters in DC who allow this president to be in the wrong side of history with his radical policies that put us in danger. Nothing is going to change until the people in this country get off their butts and put some fear into DC. We need to get them back under control so they can get obama under control to stop acting like a dictator. That means no signs, no phone calls, no emails, or hashtag whatever. It means moving forward on Article V Convention of the States (no more talking about it), a show of force by showing up at their offices, acts of civil disobedience, utilizing STR's 21 Tactics and doing everything possible to make politicians lives as miserable as they have made ours!

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