Monday, March 2, 2015

Rep Sheila Jackson Lee: Republicans Could Cause Another 9/11

Sheila Jackson Lee loves to be dramatic but also leave out key information or in this case the reason for cutting some not all funding to DHS. That reason of course would be emperor obama's illegal executive amnesty. Lee claiming funds cut to DHS could lead to another 9/11 is just progressive fear mongering. First off we do have other agencies like NSA, FBI and CIA in play watching out for the nations security. Second and most importantly 90% of DHS personnel are classified essential, which means agents and all this looking out for our security will be on the job no matter what. The nations enjoying a time of of peace vs another 9/11 is not dependent on the estimated 30K workers who would be furloughed. Yes, that is harsh to say but those secretaries, janitors, office workers etc will not leave the US open to an attack. For the record the country did just fine without DHS for over 200 years.

Truth of the matter is Sheila Jackson Lee couldn't careless about another terror attack on US soil. Her interest with ensuring DHS is fully funded is to ensure obama's illegal alien amnesty goes through. She and all dems just want another "shutdown" THEY CAUSE to pin on the pathetic inept republican party (Whig Party). Progressive democrats do not care about national security they have been actively scaling the military down but increasing a police state within the US. They fear the people more than our global enemies! Keep in mind they have been relentless in trying to disarm the people, that said if they had their way they would disarm the military to pre-Civil War levels.

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