Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Judge Napolitano: Clinton Conspired to Evade and Break the Law

Clinton is a private citizen now who gave her all this power to do what she wants when she wants? Out of 66,000 emails and after deleting 30,000 emails Clinton produces 300 while claiming everything else was preserved on other govt employees emails. This as expected is turning out to be untrue since her aides (Mills, Abedin) had private accounts hosted on Billy's server too. I dare any American to try these kinds of antics dealing with the govt, courts or law enforcement and watch how fast you will be locked up! That of course is AFTER a full tactical team breaks down your front door slamming you and your family to the floor handcuffing you with a knee on the back of your neck!

This story is important because it shows how corrupt govt has become. It shows how elitists can do anything they want up to and including changing the rules to sit them while we are all treated like terrorists. Elitists like Clinton cannot be allowed to evade and break the law at their discretion all the time. Americans need to rise up and take this country back before the little of the America we know that is left is all but destroyed.

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