Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Than 12K Illegal Minors Caught Crossing US Border

Keep in mind folks as reported these are the ones who were caught or turned themselves in. You can be sure at least another 12K illegal minors are crossing the border who will join families already in the US legally and illegally and they will be entitled to everything your kids are entitled to. They will be attending public schools at your expense staring resources and being catered to while your work hard. Oh and then there is the health issue if anyone cares to mention that we have no idea if these kids have been immunized for all kinds of communicable diseases. It's pretty obvious where new outbreaks of measles, TB, dengue, swine etc originated. They should all be deported but that won't happen since border agents now fear retribution for reporting large numbers of illegals entering the US!

Govt doesn't care because these illegal alien minors are the future of the democrat (socialist) party. So if it costs YOU the taxpayer more money to care for them and your kids get sick from them oh well its all for the greater good!

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