Friday, March 6, 2015

Rush: What if Obama Refuses to Leave Office? What Would the GOP Do About It?

Just listening to the first minute of this it should hit you like a runaway cement truck about how bad things are in DC. Congress has all but surrendered their Constitutional powers allowing obama to act lawlessly while they run to cameras whining about how he bypasses them. Obama is well aware of all of this he is not stupid (no matter how much we think he is), everything he has done has been cold and calculated.

Now for some tough love in answering Rush's question. If obama refuses to leave office the GOP will do absolutely nothing about. Go listen to the list of things they have allowed to date. Look at how many times Boehner has said one thing but then done the complete opposite from giving the dems their massive budget to funding amnesty via DHS funding bill. The Supreme Court like Rush argues will sit it out until obama would literally try to disregard the 22nd Amendment and serve a third term.

"Well the military will do something." No they won't. Seriously, lets be honest, they won't lift a finger. The military has sat idly by, allowing themselves to be completely neutered by this lawless president and corrupt Congress for the last 6 years. They have had funds cut off, reduction in size equipment and resources, vets are treated like complete sh*t in VA care, over 200 top ranking military officials have been removed from duty etc. Do you really think all of a sudden the military will just do their damn jobs upholding their oaths bringing order to chaos? Don't hold your breath.... regardless of how things go (odds of obama actually refusing are slim) we're still screwed.

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