Friday, April 17, 2015

Border Agent Warns If Courts Lift Exec Amnesty Hold Illegal Border Crossings Will Be Higher

The imperial regime must hate every minute Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera gets on the air exposing their treasonous acts against this nation. Because he is union rep he is free to speak unlike agents who have been silenced by the obama regime. But isn't it time for agents to break ranks and refuse to follow obama's directive? Something has got to be done to stop the flow of illegals into the US. They are putting a strain on the economy, social services and resources that should be deployed to protect us vs catching, releasing and babysitting illegal aliens!

You would think with recent news of ISIS activity across the border our "leaders" would get serious about national security and the border but they continue to do nothing. Instead the regime fights relentlessly to overturn Judge Andrew Hanen's injunction against obama's executive amnesty order.

By the way if you watch the entire clip take not illegals were protesting at the federal court hearing. Can someone please explain what gives these people the right to protest in America when they are here illegally? Huh, have to remind myself they are now considered first class citizens and a priority to progressives (D's and R's). So one has to assume law enforcement on scene agree with the usurping of our laws.

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