Monday, April 20, 2015

Dem Rep Trivializes Iran Chants 'Death to America'

Where do these people (progressives) come from? Rep Schiff cannot be this naive to trivialize threats made by Iran for decades wanting to destroy the US (and Israel). Is having a brief legacy by making a deal, opening up trade with these lunatics who hope to bring on the apocalypse so their messiah (Mahdi) will return really worth it?

The time to work with Iran for real change came and went in 2009 during the Green Revolution but the obama regime ignored it. You see the wrong people were rising up so there was no support to change the govt in Iran. It's been that way with every uprising in the middle east. Go do your homework you will see the obama admin has always spoke out in support when radicals were rising up! There is nothing for the US or anyone else to benefit from making a deal with the radical death cult in Tehran. Sanctions should be imposed and increased. Squeeze them so bad the people will try another revolt and hopefully remove those who have tormented them for decades.

When bin Laden said he was going to make NYC burn people didn't listen and we know how that ended. Now we have the Iranians on the verge of getting the bomb, courtesy of barack hussein obama, continuing their decades long call for the destruction of the US. History repeats itself, an enemy making a threat will we listen? After 911 it would be in everyone's best interest to listen and take our enemies threats very seriously!

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