Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama Takes Victory Lap as Iran Nuke Deal Framework Reached

America this speech obama gave today is the equivalent to Chamberlain speaking after his meeting with Hitler.

Obama couldn't wait to come to the Rose Garden to take a victory lap for the framework of this "deal" the Iranians struck with the US and P5+1 on their nuclear program. Of course his majesty threw in a couple 'ifs" to CYA since we all know the Iranians will never give up their pursuit for nuclear weapons. The US is giving up all leverage to keep Iran on its knees, the sanctions were working and they needed to be increased not ceased! There was nothing in the preliminary release indicating Iran's ability to build a bomb has been stopped at their secret facilities. Only 1 site ;) ;) will continue to enrich uranium so that alone tells you it's business as usual for them.

Being a critic and to answer his question: Yes I think this is a trash deal because the sanctions were working. If sanctions were truly enforced the Iranian people may have repeated 2009 Green Revolution but now we'll never know. War is as much possibility today as it will be 2 years or 10 years from now. The Iranians cannot be trusted, Khamenei is on vid saying "Death to America" while one of his generals said "Israel's destruction is non-negotiable" during these talks. All the Iranians are doing is running the clock to appease we the infidels while they continue their weapons program.

Keep in mind this crap deal is made by the same people who made the Bergdahl deal. This is going to create a new arms race in the middle east, the Saudis want a bomb and you can be sure other nations like Jordan who feel threatened will join them after today. Obama's foreign policy has and will remain to be a failure with this agreement potentially being the cherry on top.

The elites still have til June to work the details out and Khamenei has to agree with it so why his majesty felt the need to run to the podium is typical of him to jump the gun.

You should know the US gets NOTHING out of this deal. Obama made NO mention of Americans held prisoner being released, nor Iran's end to being a state sponsor of terrorism. Watch it again he said nothing of it. Oh and under Sharia Law muslims are allowed to lie, especially when they make deals with infidels!

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