Thursday, April 2, 2015

Iran's Foreign Minister: We'll Continue Enriching, Won't Close Facilities, Sanctions Will Be Terminated

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif unlike obama and his regime has no problem telling the truth! Yes in this case I believe whats coming out of Zarif's mouth over obama, Kerry and the rest of the imperial regime. Does any of what the Foreign Minister says sound like a good deal to you that obama is taking a victory lap on?

Consider this too, pundits were saying "within 5-7 yrs Iran will have bomb" that was over 10 yrs ago! If they don't have enough fissile material for a bomb now they will very soon. This nuke agreement still isn't a done deal as they have until June to get the details worked out and Khamenei has to agree to it. You know the guy who leads his peoples chants with "Death to America" and wanting to see Israel wiped off the map!

Again I will say it, the Iranians will not waste a bomb by testing it in the middle of the desert as a show of strength. Iranians aren't stupid (batshit crazy yes!) they aren't going to build a bomb, load it onto one of those ICBM's they're building and launch it so the whole world can be "ah ha see we knew you were lying!" Once they have a device ready they will hand it off to one of their proxies (Hamas, Hesbollah... maybe sell it to ISIS or AQ) who will load it in the back of a truck and set it off in major city. That is how this will play out until the govt in Iran is completely changed. As long as the death cult mullahs rule the world is not safe from a nuclear Iran.

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