Thursday, April 2, 2015

WaPo Columnist: Obama's 'Toughness' on Iran Deal Will Allow Him to Veto Any Senate Bill

This WaPo columnist defines naive if he believes obama is tough and the Iranians will live up to the deal. There is nothing good or better about this deal as Washington Posts EJ Dionne suggests. The Iranians get what they want and will continue working on a bomb. FYI all of a sudden we're told they were 2-3 mos away from having a bomb, but today Darth Hussein says a year... Big whoop 1 year and how about the bombshell that went over every ones head that they are that close. It's safe to assume at this point knowing what we know about this crap deal they will have a nuke no matter what! Thanks obama!

There are many in the Senate on both sides not happy about this bill. Obama will be able to veto anything he wants because he has already sent a warning to the Senate via dem Sen Menendez. There won't be a super majority to override the veto for fear his majesty will sick the DOJ on more Senators!

Only "good" thing about the Iranians getting a bomb is that history will record barack hussein obama as the one responsible for it. He wants to have a legacy he's got it and it's one no one wants.

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