Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Rep Louie Gohmert Grills ICE Director Over Illegal Deferrals in House Judiciary Hearing

Gohmert grilled ICE Director Sarah Saldana over who violated the federal court order injunction against obama's executive amnesty by implement DACA. Not surprising the Director like all obama regime members passed the buck blaming ICE's sister agency Citizenship and Immigration Services as the one responsible.

Granted Saldana cannot oversee other agencies and what they do but when illegals are in the country ICE should be throwing illegals out! This is the problem with big govt, there are too many smaller agencies doing similar jobs. We have agencies violating a federal court order because they can, there is no one to stop them with out incompetent impotent Congress.

One thing we can thank obama for is exposing how many people in govt are willing to break the rules, laws and court orders to achieve the current admins agenda.

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