Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Al Gore Calls For Elimination of Electoral College

Well now the other former democrat party presidential hopeful LOSER and climate change fraudster Al Gore has finally chimed in over the 2016 election. It's not a surprise Gore is joining his anti-Constitutional pals like outgoing Sen Boxer, Rep Rangel and many others calling for an end to the electoral college. This seems to be a new thing with Al, who feels the need to publicly call for the end of the electoral college starting back in 2012. You would think he would keep busy pushing his climate change scam but the idiot has time to trash our system of govt that has worked perfectly fine for 240 years.

What Gore and the others have demonstrated is their lack of understanding how this constitutionally limited representative democratic republic works, or they just HATE the Constitution and want total mob rule in the US! I'm going with the latter because Gore and his ilk as corrupt as they are, aren't stupid. The one good thing about this election is that it has forced the cockroaches out from the shadows. Countless leftists melting down have taken the democrat mask off embracing the full communist surging in their veins wanting to see the Constitution destroyed.

Tell ya what Al Baby, you want the Electoral College eliminated? Why not become a state delegate, push for an Article V Convention of the States and propose an amendment to end the Electoral College? That way you don't have to rely on the corrupt incompetent Congress to put it on the table since those mean evil republicans hold majorities! Go ahead Al I dare you!

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