Friday, December 30, 2016

Watch CA Leftists Harass Trump Supporter For Wearing a #BuildTheWall T-Shirt

'So let me tell you something man. You live here, among a bunch of different people from a bunch of races, different religions, do you really think you're going to make friends wearing a shirt like that around here?'

My answer to this leftist aka closet communist is: I DON'T CARE! This video from Nathan Morton, who was minding his own business in his apartment building community center, should make any sane person's blood boil. Who the hell do these closet communists think they are, that they think they can dictate what a person can say, do or wear?

Newsflash commies, the election is over, Hillary LOST, America has said it has had enough of your destructive barack obama driven political correct BULLSHIT. For the record I was not on the TrumpTrain during the primaries, I supported many positions Trump had, like building the wall while being concerned with others, but I gotta tell ya after watching this video I want a #BuildTheWall t-shirt now!

Building the wall has nothing to do with being racist, it has to do with the rule of law, economic, social, health and most importantly national security. These two ASSHOLES proved they want none of that, which is typical for the majority of Californians. Being conservative in this shit state gives one some insight as to how minorities feel abused and discriminated against. Leftists here are like rabid animals.

It would be great if Nathan would publicize these monsters names to the web because of the entertainment we would get watching them squirm.

Oh hey hippy who likes to threaten people, Morton did film you and put it up on YouTube so a big double F U to you! And to you miss loud mouth, up for most annoying in the US, do you have your green card? Pretty funny these commies mock Morton for using "free wifi" but the liberal DOUCHE is there to get his free coffee, F U!

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