Friday, January 27, 2017

Bill Nye Says Climate Change Deniers Ignoring Signs of Coming "Mass Extinction Event"

Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer, holds no degrees in climatology, meteorology or any Earth science, yet deems himself an expert in climate change, takes the opportunity to shame climate change deniers of a coming "6th mass extinction event". Climate change is a hoax. It is insulting to suggest man has the power to alter the planets atmosphere after the millions of years it has been bombarded AND SURVIVED from comets, asteroids, meteors, viruses and plagues.

Tomorrow afternoon look up into the sky toward that really bright light (don't look directly at it) called the Sun. If the Sun "sneezes" (EMP emitted from a solar storm) we all go back to the stone-age, nothing that uses electricity will work. If the Sun gets a "fever" (a slight temp increase) we're dead! The Sun has more of an effect on the planets temperature than you or I ever will exhaling CO2 which is needed for life to begin with!

This man, Al Gore and their ilk are the equivalent to flat-Earthers. They are con-artists who are making more money than any of us will ever see pushing this climate change hoax. These people are jetting all around the world in private jets, yachts and SUV's when they're not living in their spacious homes that use a lot of electricity, generating lots of CO2.

Understand this, their solution is heavy regulations, fines and taxes to offset CO2 emissions. How is raping ones bank account while running them out of business (aka wealth redistribution) going to reduce CO2 emissions? Why is the US deemed the biggest culprit in pollution while China, India and few others are doing far more pollution than the US ever did? China's smog is so bad health alerts have been issued, planes can't land and they're even considering no fireworks for the new years celebration!

It's not what Nye and his ilk say that gives them away but what they do. And remember Al Gore said that the ice caps would be melted and the seas would have risen by now submerging major US coastal cities.

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