Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dem Rep Accuses Republicans Of Wanting Women to Die From Abortions

Its pretty ironic a black congresswomen, Barbara Lee, is defending Planned Parenthood because it was founded by Margaret Sanger a racist who wanted to rid the country of the unwanted aka blacks! This claim Lee and others make that republicans want to see women die is disgraceful and a lie.

Democrats why do you care so much about killing unborn babies? You want to kill the unborn, fine have at it, just understand it should not be at the taxpayers expense. You want to F around, risk pregnancy and want a "simple solution", then you pay for it. Why should hardworking Americans foot the bill that funds Planned Parenthood who performs abortions and is making plenty of money as it is!? That's all this bill is about, taking federal aka TAXPAYERS MONEY away from funding abortions.

Maybe it isn't clear to you Babs, but the American people should have a say in what happens with our money. Got it? It's OUR MONEY, this is OUR country we make the calls via those we put in office who put bills like this forward.

Lastly, stop lying about the Constitution Ms Lee. There aren't any amendments that say we have the right kill anyone, living or unborn.

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