Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tucker Battles UConn Professor Claiming White Supremacy Fueled Trump's Win

America here is example number 639,823 as to why you should keep your kids out of universities and college indoctrination camps!
Univ of Conn Professor Matthew Hughey tries to argue with Carlson that Trump won because of "commitment" to white supremacy.

"What I mean by white supremacy is both a social, political, economic commitment to the promotion of people who pass as white."

The professor had nothing to stand on the moment Tucker pointed out the fact that more white people voted for Romney than Trump, followed up with immigration figures showing a small percentage of whites come into the US! Exactly how can white supremacists help sway the election for Trump if less.white.people.voted?! Black, Hispanic and Asian Trump supporters must be enraged to hear such garbage diminishing their vote.

Do you see what's happening here? Libs blamed the FBI/Comey, voter suppression, sexism, the Russians and now as expected white supremacy aka racism for Clinton's loss. That is what this is about. Libs always pull the race card when all their arguments get crushed into powder, blown to the 4 winds!

This guy is a clown spewing all this gobbledygook sociology nonsense. He is not good at his job, he probably has tenure so he can teach bullshit and indoctrinate young minds! College is a joke, if you're (or kids) seeking a career that doesn't truly require higher learning don't go! Whatever you want to learn from school you can learn online for free. Hell many of these schools post the class syllabus so you know what is and isn't being covered. Take the money you'd spend on college and start your own business.

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