Thursday, January 19, 2017

LGBT Activists Hold "Queer Dance Party" Outside VP-Elect Pence's DC Home

Many members of the gay mafia made their way through VP-elect Pence's DC neighborhood to his home holding a "Queer Dance Party" to push their message of "peace" and 'choose love over hate'. While many in the vid and portrayed by media reports can be heard and seen talking about love, you have to pay attention to the darker side within this "dance party" of troublemakers in the mix saying what they really think...

'stop the hate... f*ck you,' to radicals spray painting the anarchy symbol...

and of course an act of intimidation towards a Trump supporter with a warm message of 'don't f*ck with us'!

And no it's not harsh to call them the gay mafia, because if you do not agree with LGBTQDPNM... community they will come after and do everything they possibly can to destroy your life.

These people want to be left alone then why do they insist and practically force their lifestyle on everyone? Could you imagine if straight people held a "dance party" in their neighborhood or in front of their home? The charges of hate and bigotry would be off the charts with the corrupt media helping it along.

Pence and Trump haven't said much about the LGBT community, pointing out issue of gay marriage is settled, so why this offensive was started is puzzling especially when gay billionaire Peter Thiel spoke in support of Trump. Wouldn't it be hypocritical for him to speak if Trump's policies were opposite?

You leftists just don't get it, so go right ahead push everyone's button. Sooner or later you will mess with the wrong person/ people and all hell is going to break loose, where you folks won't have any excuses or ways out of it, let alone someone to blame.

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