Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sen Sanders to Rep Price : 'We Are Not a Compassionate Society'

Bernie Sanders just let his true self loose today, during Rep Tom Price's Senate confirmation hearing, expressing how horrible it is here in the United Uncompassionate States of America. Bernie is a little upset because we don't have free healthcare and education like the FAILING SOCIALIST European nations he wants to model. Europe is doing so well with it's free stuff its economy is on the brink, so much so Brexit came to be with others on the way. On top of that it has become a magnet for middle eastern "refugees" who are overwhelming these countries, not to mention destroying their culture and creating chaos.

Healthcare IS NOT a right and since dem.. communists continue to push this idea, then so is our right to keep and bear arms with no restrictions whatsoever. This right is already in the Constitution unlike healthcare which is not.

Whether we have obamacare or not, if anyone walks into a hospital needing care they will receive it. All you're seeing from communists is a show for tv to save 0-care because it is the gateway to money, power and control over all of us.

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