Sunday, January 22, 2017

NASTY FILTHY PIGS! Women's March Protesters Trash the US

"it's not pollution, it's making a great job for someone"
"it's not littering, it's not trash"
"this is Trump's street, he can have it... clean it up, we ain't"
"get off your ass and pick it up then"

I tweeted this out last night, after seeing one pic after another, and I stand by it...
"#WomensMarch #WomensMarchOnWashington you are a bunch of NASTY filthy degenerate pigs"

HOW DARE ANY OF YOU preach and condemn anyone not supporting your cause for "your rights" but also all your other causes, including the environment (for example fmr Green Jobs Czar Van Jones was in attendance), leave piles of trash everywhere you marched!


I don't care who you are either, that read the title and are "offended" let alone those who attended, up to and including, if by some act of God, anyone I'm related to. You don't go around making demands and then trash places because you think it's your right, "Trump's mess" or will create a job.

We know you don't care about men, which is probably your intentions leaving the mess, but what about the women (small %) who will have to clean up after all of you!?

Women's marchers are all a wild, rabid, pack of degenerate liberals who deserve all the negativity and nastiness they're receiving! Oh btw you do understand 1) your STUPID march was organized by a woman who supports sharia law (that more or less means enslavement for you), 2) any slim chance of credibility or sympathy from people at home who watched is gone right?

GOOD JOB IDIOTS and please by all means continue on, keep doing what you're doing!

One last thing, since you all rant about getting free contraceptives at taxpayers expense... here's the deal, if you can't afford 3ct of condoms for $2.17 from Walmart, YOU SHOULDN'T BE FUCKING AROUND in the first place!

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