Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama Hiding the Truth About His Failed Presidency

Obama had his hour of self-praise about all the wonderful things he did for the US, touting his "legacy". By the way all the other Presidents gave a farewell speech from the Oval Office, yet this guy has to do it in an arena?! You know why? Because he's an attention junkie, he loves having crowds cheer for him. Sorry to bust your bubble but he's not going away after the 20th.

You heard the fantasy now for the truth and why a few like myself do not believe any of the talk of economic recovery, even now with Trump coming in.

Hannity just touches on a few economic indicators, there are far more and the numbers are quite scary. Check out the USDebtClock and you'll see how screwed we really are. Even within that, all the games being played by the banks isn't even being covered or the Fed printing money at will. FTR I've be warning about the this stealth depression we're in regardless of who won Nov 8th. Trump, Hillary, Cruz, Sanders the final economic bubble to burst is going to come no matter what or who is in office.

As for obamacare and foreign policy, as Hannity outlines, they are no better.

Healthcare costs and access to doctors took a major hit under Darth Hussein's™ signature piece of legislation. It was nothing but a pack of lies for power, control and wealth redistribution.

Thanks to obama treating ISIS like the JV team they grew unchallenged in the middle east like a cancer destroying everything in their path. They've spread their influence globally and now because of the carnage they've created an uncontrollable migration of middle eastern people to the west that ISIS fighters have infiltrated where they attack at will.

Russia's power and influence had grown thanks to lil barry where Putin's intentions can clearly be seen to control the flow of oil to Europe, befriend enemies of the US.

Iran regardless of the nuclear agreement became $150b richer and continues their nuclear weapons program.

China continues to manipulate currencies, is building up their military for war, launches countless cyber attacks at the US and obama did nothing.

The list of "accomplishments" by this failed president can go on and on. Obama is by far the worst president in US history. PEOTUS has his hands full for sure and you can bet obama is leaving plenty of surprises / headaches as he trashes everything on the way.

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